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when I say I'm in Love you best believe I'm in Love L-U-V [entries|friends|calendar]

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Ha [07 Feb 2018|03:07am]
It's 2018, I'm 33, and this livejournal still exists...weird. Time to read posts from 16 yrs ago.
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[21 Jun 2009|10:52pm]
Reading the older stuff on here...kind of funny. I never write in this thing anymore and seldom view it. I do however like to see what the hell I was doing five years ago...because I usually can't remember too well. Sort of funny, sort of pathetic.
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[16 Nov 2008|08:54am]
I've been working as a cart wrangler for about 10 months or so I guess, pretty good pay for it too...9$ an hr, 10 on Sunday. However the holidays are approaching and working on weekends is already starting to suck. At least it's cold, better to work in the cold, you work faster to stay warm, which obviously benefits you more than lets say slowing down because it's hot. I think the holidays will kill me though, physically anyway. I'm already incredibly sore for some reason. Other than that I think I really need to start actually saving my money so I can possibly get the hell out of here by May or so, at least move back to Athens if not elsewhere. I wouldn't be particularly thrilled to move back to Athens but it's better than here and more doable, than lets say somewhere else..and at least I'll know some people and could probably manage to get back into school. I don't really know about school though at the current time, to a degree it seems that just working may pay off a little more for the time being and I wouldn't really be tied down by it, less bullshit if I did want to move elsewhere after several months..quitting a job is easier than transferring schools and all of that mess.
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[06 Aug 2008|09:36am]
He is alive.
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[22 Feb 2007|02:56am]
Don't stay up for 44 hrs straight, you'll flake out. Trust me you will.
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[27 Jan 2007|07:52pm]
somehow drinking alot is never a good policy, especially if you were already sick.
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[26 Jan 2007|10:48pm]
Plenty of regrets but fuck Penitence.
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[26 Jan 2007|10:22pm]
I can't see further than my nose at this moment.
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[19 Jan 2007|09:44pm]
Is it so much to ask to be quiet?
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[08 Jun 2006|12:38am]
I am turning this into a blog in general I no longer care about bullshitting about personal facts, and fragments..
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[18 Jun 2005|12:19pm]
half drunk, dirty, and hyper in alden library. Oh what a time. I'm glad I got a computer with a cubicle, although granted it isn't even twelve thirty yet...I woke up early to go to the bank,actually being in the bank half drunk is not so bad and more humorous than being in a library...mainly because you actually have to have human interaction at the bank. The hyper comes from the coffee. Other than that I moved two days ago...which really sucks. I like being in a new place, but moving shit sucks, and you're only really half a person if you pay someone to do it, and are able bodied.fuck moving shit.
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[27 Apr 2005|11:41am]
Well I had my court date this morning, it was a misdemeanor noise violation so other people with similar charges were there.....talk about swimming in a sea of white trash. I'm almost wondering if they let the public into most of these hearings because all the people were charged with the funniest shit in the world or ....the lamest like me with a noise violation. This kid that went before me who was charged with disorderly conduct had a funny incident, he had gotten really wasted and was walking down court street and tipped over a newspaper vendor apparently in view of an officer..what a jackass, funnier than that he appeared to be rather straight laced so it really added to the humor.
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Spring break is bust [25 Mar 2005|07:05pm]
It's a friday at 10 pm and I'm sitting in my apartment on this damn machine.Sort of boring really, this spring break has definately been a bust. I have the overall feeling that something really bad is going to happen tonight, but it probably won't. I haven't felt very good lately, pretty manic on the most part but I have my moments I guess. I did alot better in my classes than I thought I did so I guess thats pretty positive. I think I'm getting sick of college, I may just be unsatisfied or something.Regardless I need to get out of town more often(not going home though,HA). Ahh I really just don't know.
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[25 Mar 2005|01:27am]
If you absolutely hate creedence clearwater revival you're a fucking prick.
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[08 Mar 2005|02:29pm]
Spun outt spitt cut upt dried out.Salvation
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[01 Feb 2005|02:06am]
Feeling goddamn decent.not spread so thin.
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[28 Jan 2005|05:56pm]
[ mood | still ]


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[27 Jan 2005|02:12am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

I'm a failure.

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mas que nada [25 Dec 2004|03:21am]
Oariá raiô
Obá Obá Obá
Mas que nada
Sai da minha frente
Eu quero passar
Pois o samba está animado
O que eu quero é sambar
Este samba
Que é misto de maracatu
É samba de preto velho
Samba de preto tu
Mas que nada
Um samba como esse tão legal
Você não vai querer
Que eu chegue no final

the most fucking awesome song ever sergio mendes and brasil '66
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[24 Dec 2004|02:23am]
I'm at home for the holiday, going back to Athens saturday evening.Mom is buying us some bacardi 151. It's funny I was in Belpre yesterday too, I came in with Adam so he could get new tags for his new car. I was on LSD, wish I had more. Being in the marietta Giant Eagle, creeped me out. I only needed to use the restroom, but I was all fucked up. The restroom was stuffy warm,and it smelled like a combination of shit,cleaner, and marijuana. It was a fun trip too, in both senses of the word. Other than that not much has been going on, I NEED to get a fucking job and quit being a fucking loser. Our apartment is now pretty much decked out although I'm sure we'll acquire more schizophrenic tack to add to it. Also Adam Kicked my ass 3 times in a row....I think he took advantage of my state...motherfucker.
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